Supporting Trans Students

Guidance for students and staff

We first developed guidance on gender diversity and supporting trans students in 2010. For a copy of the current guidance, please visit the UAL Student Diversity webpage.

If you need any advice or guidance relating to support for trans students or changing student records, please contact Bethan Williams, Equality and Diversity Officer (Students)

Gender Neutral Toilets

UAL is committed to being a place where gender diversity is expected and respected, and where trans people are free from discrimination. Providing gender neutral toilets is a small step towards realising this goal.

Students, staff and visitors are encouraged to use whichever toilets they feel most comfortable using. There are Gender Neutral toilets located across all UAL sites.

Gender Neutral Toilets listing


Please contact the Equality and Diversity Officer (Students) to arrange briefings or training for you or your team.

We also recommend training delivered by Gendered Intelligence  – who offer in-house training and professional development on inclusion of transgender & transsexual people, gender reassignment and gender diversity.