Sara Davidmann

Sara Davidmann is an artist/photographer based at London College of Communication. Since 1999 she has taken photographs in collaboration with people from UK trans* and queer communities.

Much of Davidmann’s research has been carried out in collaboration with people who self-identify beyond the polarised categories of female or male. Davidmann’s doctoral thesis (2007) explored the lived experiences of four people through methods of collaborative photography and interview in dialogue with theoretical approaches.

Ken. To be destroyed. Image copyright Sara Davidmann

Sara’s most recent work, Ken. To be destroyed has been exhibited internationally.  ‘Ken. To be destroyed’ arises out of a family secret – that Davidmann’s uncle Ken (K) was trans*. The family attempted to erase this from history and the family photograph album depicts K as male.

Read more about Sara’s research project Beyond Male and Female

Visit Sara’s website.

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